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As a family-owned and operated optometry clinic, we are proud to serve the Grande Prairie area with exceptional eye care services, community-minded customer service, and a commitment to innovation in optometry. Our fully licensed practice offers a full range of eye care solutions, exams, and services, plus a wide range of quality frames for all ages.

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Dry Eyes in Winter

There is a common phrase thrown around Alberta in winter: “It’s a different kind of cold. It is a dry cold.” Our dry winter weather in Grande Prairie (and the rest of the prairies) takes a toll on our physical wellbeing in general. More specifically, it can have a negative effect on our eye health and wellbeing.

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The Benefits of Annual Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is a key part of taking care of your overall physical health. The benefits of routine eye exams include improved vision health, sure, but come with a myriad of other benefits. An annual comprehensive eye exam is important for all ages as well: from kids, teens, adults, and seniors, each age group can benefit from optometry visits.

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Opticians and Optometrists: What’s the difference?

Who do you see for your valued vision care? It might be an optician or an optometrist; and for your next comprehensive eye exam, you’re likely to see both. There are key differences between each vision care professional, and these will affect the type of care they provide. What is an Optician?

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